Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Minimi Collection?

Minimi Collection is a beautiful range of minimalistic home, decor, skincare, hair and body products suitable for the whole family. We are always expanding our collections! You can stay updated by signing up to our newsletter.


Where is Minimi Collection based?

We are based in the coolest little capital in the world! Wellington, New Zealand.


Do you ship internationally?

Luckily, yes we do! We ship to most countries around the world.


Why is there a 4-6 week shipping time on some of your products?

Great question! Some of the products in our collections are handmade - with love of course and shipped in from overseas. We need to give our designers time to make the products and then send them to us. This means that every piece you order is especially made by hand with the utmost love and attention to detail. 


Are all of your products handmade? 

Some of the products in our collections are handmade by Minimi Collection and some products are handmade in other countries then sent to little old Aotearoa (New Zealand). 


Are your skincare, hair and body products really made using natural ingredients?

Yes they absolutely are! 


Do you offer Gift Packs?

We sure do and lucky for you we offer free gift wrapping and cards. If there is something that you require that you dont see on our website, give us a bell, we are happy to help.


Are all of your products safe for children?

Yes, absolutely!


Do you have laybuy?

Thankfully, Yes we do!


Do you wholesale?

We can certainly offer a selection of products for wholesale. Feel free to drop us an email at minimicollectionnz@gmail.com